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What if I’m scared to prick myself?

We get it! Pricking yourself can be scary. You will never see a needle. Resting your hand on a table can help. It also helps if you can have another person use the lancet on you.

What if I can’t get enough blood on the card?

Three lancets are provided to give you the best chance of collecting enough blood for the sample. We recommend drinking a glass of water thirty minutes before collecting your sample, and raising your heart rate just before lancing.

What if I follow those tips and still can’t get enough blood?

If you have trouble during the collection process, please reach out to us and we can provide a new test kit. We are also happy to walk you through the test while you take it!

What happens if my sample gets lost in the mail?

We don’t have any control over the mail, but we will keep track of your sample and notify you if it appears lost. We will also send you a new kit so that you can recollect your sample.

How might my sample get rejected?
  • The most common rejection reasons are not enough or too much blood or smearing.
  • Red blood must cross the 1st line. Passing the 3rd line is okay, but the lab actually needs to punch out the serum (whitish part).
  • If you let the strip dry and then go to add more blood, it will not separate correctly. Once a strip gets wet, you must add enough blood before it dries.
  • Once you have completed your collection, ensure that the blood is dried completely before putting it in the mailer bag.
What happens if my sample gets rejected?

In the event that the lab is unable to process your sample, you will receive notice and a new kit, free of charge.

How long will it take to receive my results?

From the time that the lab receives your sample, it will take approximately 1-3 days to receive your results.

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